Anna Ross – client

I started the sessions looking to uncover/heal some ancestral trauma as well as childhood trauma/exile. It took 3 sessions to start really working but by the 3rd session we were really in it! I recovered aspects of my soul that I had exiled over 20 years ago. Most importantly and powerfully during the soul retrieval we connected in the spirit world. Mona was seeing what I was seeing yet I was not describing it. This became most apparent when Mona was describing the fire she has come across, and in my mind I was urging myself to go to the fire, to overcome the fear, and as I walked to the fire and sat down Mona said out loud that a little girl had arrived at the fire. In that moment all the grief, pain, loneliness and exile of that aspect of my Self came out. Tears poured down my face and we were working in tandem, Mona’s vision and my vision being one and the same. I realized then that Mona had the connection – the ability to heal and guide me through the process. I knew deep healing had taken place after that session.